The best Marvel movies ranked

With 23 movies to choose from, it seems like an almost impossible task to choose your favorites. However, we all know that there were a few that stood out for us and a couple that definitely sit in most people’s top five MCU movies. Here are some of the best Marvel movies ranked, so who comes out in the top spot?

Captain America: Civil War

This was where all the tensions we had seen building before came to a head. The execution was fantastic and had fans sitting on the edge of their seats. It forced people to think about the moral implications of superheroes and the ‘Avengers’ initiative in general, dividing fans and forcing them to take a side. It introduced some brilliant characters such as Black Panther, who was taking on the role of adversary toward Bucky, who had been brainwashed and framed. Probably one of the most exciting features was introducing Spider-Man into the fold – an already beloved character. This is definitely a highly rated movie.

The best Marvel movies ranked

Black Panther

Black Panther had to have a spot on this list. It was ground-breaking and unlike any of the other movies in the MCU series. It was a culturally representative movie and has serious significance, not just because it’s a great movie, action-packed and fantastically executed, but as a result of its diversity. It smashed the box office and proved to Hollywood that creating a broader demographic is actually something they should be doing already. That aside, this is a movie that inspires so many ‘Yass’ scenes. Fans couldn’t get enough.

Iron Man

The movie where this all began. It’s the kind of movie you remember watching for the first time because it was different from anything that had been released before. With a brilliant soundtrack and a flawed hero, it inspired a new age of superhero fans. It also highlighted real-world problems and gave it the fantastical solution people were excited to see. It’s no honorary member on this list but holds its own despite being the first.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

This was another movie that broke the mold of expectations. When the trailer was released, many people had no idea how to feel about it. Comedy isn’t easy to pull off and can sometimes come across lame and B-rate. Well, with Chris Pratt’s perfect execution of Star-Lord, the fantastic cast and otherworldly storyline, this band of misfits stole everyone’s hearts. We’re not sure if we were made to feel things because of the iconic soundtrack, but it’s got a place in basically every MCU fan’s hearts.

Thor: Ragnarok

This movie is probably utter perfection. It furthers the storyline, introduces the awesome Valkyrie, and has us rolling on the floor with laughter whenever we watch it. There isn’t a moment in this movie that isn’t hilarious or nail-biting. After all, when you pair some seriously overpowered lightning shows with Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song,’ you’re already winning. Between Cate Blanchet’s sarcasm, superhero landings, and Ragnarok itself, this movie really did have everything.

The best Marvel movies ranked

Avengers: Infinity War

We had to put this first. Again, this movie broke the mold in so many ways, our heroes lost, and all really did seem that way. Fans walked out astounded and unsure of themselves. How could they hope to win? Half the world had gone and half our heroes with it? Although ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was awesome, there was something real watching the Avengers on the Wakandan battlefield. Remember the scene when Cap returns? It doesn’t get better than that.

With the MCU ever-expanding, it’s safe to say these lists will continue to evolve. In the meantime, we get to rewatch them to our hearts’ content.