How to make yourself a trivia expert

Those of us who have attended a fun quiz night with a group of friends know there is always one person who seems to know it all. They’re the ones that hold all the answers to things that don’t even cross our minds, leading the team to victory without much help from anyone else. It’s pretty impressive, to say the least. They even have the answer to bizarre questions like how many hearts an octopus has, or which auto company was the first to offer seat belts; the kind of questions that leave most of us stumped. If you want to also build an impressive bank of general knowledge, here are a few things you can do to become the next trivia expert.

In case you are curious about the answers to the questions above – an octopus has three hearts, and the auto brand to offer the first seatbelts was Nash Motors. See? you are learning already!

Read more news

Some of the best sources of information can be found online, in the papers, or on the radio. The news offers a wide variety of information that helps broaden our minds and keeps us up to date with current events happening across the globe. Everything from finance to sport, and weather to politics, can be learned from just simply staying up to date with the news. Some news channels even offer short documentaries about the various cultures and customs in different parts of the world – a top topic quiz masters love testing the audience with.

How to make yourself a trivia expert

Watch game shows

Watching game shows like ‘Jeopardy!’, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, and ‘500 Questions’ offer a wealth of information when it comes to general knowledge. The question-answer format also makes it easier to retain the information without suffering from information overload. It also helps to see where quizmasters gather most of their questions from. If TV is not an option, play a few trivia board games with your friends such as ‘Trivial Pursuit’ or ‘I Should Have Known That’.

Write it down

Another way to become a trivia expert is to write down interesting facts that may be mentioned in general conversation, on the news, or while surfing the internet. Physically writing the information down with a pen and paper helps us remember things much better. If you really want to take it one step further, start writing short blogs or articles about topics that interest you. The more you write, the more you learn and will eventually start to explore more diverse topics in the process.

How to make yourself a trivia expert

‘Did you know’ sites

A simple search for the keyword ‘did you know’ will bring up thousands of websites dedicated to quick and interesting facts. Some of the facts cover various topics like geography, biology, sports, and pop culture to name a few. These websites are great for beating boredom and improving trivia skills. Some facts are wild and wacky and others give you a new perspective on things; either way, knowledge is power, and you can never have too much of it.

By using a few of these helpful tips, you can become a trivia expert in no time! To give you a head start, here is an interesting fact you may not have known: The sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English alphabet.