The 5 most influential video games of all time

The video game industry is growing every year, and there are some games released that could be considered modern classics. However, there are some games that pushed boundaries, inspired people, and made the industry as successful as it is today. Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all got a favorite video game to choose from, and we may even have several in different genres.

However, there is no denying that some games have been much more popular and important than others. In fact, there are video games that many of us are still playing now in one form or another. So, we’re going to go deeper and look further at the different video games that we feel have had the biggest impact, not just on the industry, but on the world in general. Here are the top 5:


1. Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Perhaps the most beloved title on our list, Super Mario Bros. was a revelation following its release in 1985. It transformed the way adventure games were played and introduced the world to two of its most iconic characters. With lively levels, packed with secrets, and an array of interesting enemies, this is one of the enduring video games of all time.

2. Pac-Man (1980)

One of the first and most influential arcade games, Pac-Man works so well for the most part because of how easy the premise is. Namco’s maze exploration game is one of the best and most fun games you can play. It has an iconic character and provides enough challenge and problem-solving so as to be a game that appeals to kids and adults alike. Pac-Man quickly became a roaring success, and both game and character remain cultural icons to this day.

3. Tetris (1984)

This was one of the first games to debut on the Nintendo Game Boy, and it quickly took off as an insanely popular and rather infuriating puzzle game! Designed by Russian Alexey Pajitnov, the game was a huge hit as it combined the gaming experience with puzzles and problem-solving. Tetris is still played across the world today in many forms and continues to be a hugely influential offering.


4. Doom (1993)

If you are a fan of shoot ‘em up games, then Doom is definitely a title you’ll know all about. Released in the early 1990s, this is the game that inspired so many sci-fi shooters that have followed since. It had everything an iconic video game needs – it was fresh, absorbing, and hugely controversial. There have been sequels and variations since, but we don’t feel like anything has come close to the original.

5. Metal Gear Solid (1999)

It might not be as well-known as the titles above, but Metal Gear Solid is arguably the game that put PlayStation on the map. A hugely engrossing espionage thriller, with excellent stealth mechanics, and a cool story to boot. The game was innovative, offbeat, had a sprawling narrative and excellent characters. A true modern classic.

We have no doubt you have played at least a couple of these bad boys before, and if you haven’t it’s time to get out from under whatever rock you’ve been living under, and power up your console! These games have made a major difference to gaming as a whole, and this is definitely something that deems them worthy of checking out.