What kind of headphones is the healthiest for your hearing?

Prolonged use of headphones on a daily basis can cause permanent hearing loss. According to one study 2011, which was published in the Journal of the America Medical Association, the use of headphones and earbuds has led to a serious uptick in hearing loss in people. When used for a long time, the sounds from your headphones cause the hair cells deep inside your ear to become severely bent down. If they are not treated early enough, they can cause permanent hearing damage.

What kind of headphones is the healthiest for your hearing?

It is, therefore, extremely important to choose the right pair of headphones that suit your needs. But with a wide range and extensive headphone market nowadays, it can be challenging to find the ideal pair for your ears and hearing. There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you are hunting for headphones that are healthy for your ears. Here are the kind of headphones that are healthy for your hearing.

Noise-canceling headphones

According to the director of audiology at Massachusetts Eye and Ear at Harvard Medical School, Kevin H. Franck, Ph.D., headphones may not be harmful when you listen to music in a quiet setting. But, if you are in a loud place, he advises the use of noise-canceling headphones to prevent you from sound effects. Why are these headphones a great choice?

Noise-canceling headphones are great since they reduce the amount of outside noise that gets into your ears which helps preserve your hearing. Furthermore, you can listen to your music at a lower volume because of how they work. Additionally, they have perforated cups that facilitate sound escape and prevent the volume from being too loud. This type of headphones uses battery-powered technology that makes sound waves cancel the outside noise. Several headphones also passively block sound as an earplug would do.

Closed headphones

Closed headphones have good outer sound isolation, which enables you to control the volume level better since the background noise is not high. What’s not to love about that?

Over-the-ear headphones

Over-the-ear headphones are also effective noise-canceling headphones. That’s because they can cancel noise in several ways, both by filtering out sounds from the outside and fully covering your ear. These headphones also increase the distance between the speakers and your eardrums therefore they lower the chance for hearing loss.

What kind of headphones is the healthiest for your hearing?

Generally, loud enough noise that can damage your ears occurs when you can’t hear what people near you are saying, and you have to raise your voice to talk to other people. If it hurts your ears or you have ringing in your ears, then you may also be at risk. It’s important to take the necessary steps to minimize the chances of hearing damage related headphones, regardless of the type of headphones you use.

How to prevent hearing damage from headphones

The first step is to make a habit of using noise-canceling headphones in noisy settings. Use these types of earphones to stop overworking your ears by straining them with a loud noise. Noise-canceling headphones insulate your ears from the outside sound letting you enjoy listening to music a lower volume without any nuisance.

Also, turn down the volume. Honestly, the best step you can take to protect your hearing is by turning down the volume. Very loud noise is the primary cause of hearing loss. Limiting exposure can, therefore, protect your ears.

You also want to use both earphones at the same time. Our ears are made in such a way that they work together to give us a better sense of loudness. When you use one earphone, you will be forced to turn up the volume since you will not feel loud enough.

Finally, watch your surroundings. Don’t use earphones when performing certain activities like riding a bicycle or driving a car, because you need to listen to any warning signal around you. Remember, when it comes to both your hearing and your wellbeing, safety first!