The importance of learning code

As our world has become more and more tech-oriented, you’ve probably had somebody tell you about how important it is that you are able to code. While people will sometimes overstate this need a little – often making it seem as if coding is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe – it is certainly a good idea to develop at least a little skill in coding. Code is only going to become more important as the years progress, and it won’t do to be left behind.

Identify problems better

One of the benefits people always espouse about learning to code is that it helps you learn how to problem-solve. While this is true, the much more valuable skill that coding can teach you is how to identify problems. If you assume that every problem is the same and just wade in with code in hand, you’re only going to mess things up. However, if you pay attention you can learn how to figure out what kind of problem you actually have on your hands – which will make finding the best way to fix it infinitely easier. Coding won’t just teach you how to solve problems, it’ll teach you how to approach them – and that’s a skill that really can be applied to every facet of your life.


Improve employability

This is another aspect of coding that’s exaggerated sometimes – people tell you that the moment you learn to code, you’ll become king of computers, and be instantly rich for life. While this is not the case, learning to code can dramatically improve your employability and your success at work. A huge number of businesses use coding for a wide range of issues on a day-to-day basis – and if you can handle at least a few of these matters yourself it’ll make you much more attractive to an employer, even if you never need to use them. In addition, an ability to code widens the scope of things you can achieve at work.

Understand tech better

The modern world is one that’s centered around tech to a huge degree – and knowing how to code can go a long way to making tech more intelligible to you. If you know what kind of code is liable to be used in a computerized process and how, it’ll broaden your understanding and knowledge immensely. Apps, self-driving cars, the stock market – all of these things and more use code to function, and knowing how they use code can provide a doorway to understanding how the tech involved works in a broader sense. Obviously, it’ll take a fair amount of learning to get to the point where you can comprehend how these things operate – but it’s better than being ignorant of how the world around you works.


Meet new people

The majority of people learn to code using open source software, and this can be a great avenue for making new friends. The bigger open source projects tend to be collaborative – so by joining one of them you can learn more about coding while also meeting like-minded people. Working on a collaborative project will make learning how to code much more fun and interesting, and will help you put those skills to practical use. Working alongside real people means that they’ll be able to offer unique perspectives and tips on how to learn that you can’t get from individual learning. In addition, you’ll be able to form strong friendships based on a shared passion.