The best smartphone apps that will increase your productivity

Sometimes we need a little bit of help when it comes to being productive. It’s not always the easiest of things, with so many distractions readily available. However, instead of using good old fashioned pen and paper, why not go for the more reliable, easier option and choosing an app on your cell phone? Here are some of the best apps you could choose if you want to increase your productivity.


This is an absolute must-have productivity app. You can basically put everything you want on it. If you’re the kind of person who has various devices, the app has the ability to carry all your details over and share them with several devices, which is great because it keeps everything in one place. You can ensure that your daily schedule is recorded on there, that you get to place and record any ideas, add pictures, voice notes, reminders, and so on. It’s a fantastic app, and will really help to keep your productivity in check.



If you’re looking for something that will literally help you to focus on the tasks at hand without burning yourself out, then you’re in the right place. It uses the Pomodoro Technique, which is specifically designed to help get through long periods of work that are all-out mind consuming. You can edit the session, although the recommended timings tend to be 25 minutes working and a five-minute break. The aim is that by taking these specific breaks, you can cut out the time-consuming mind-fuzz in between work.


This is more for creative thinkers, people who need to get things done with a more natural and organic feeling. You can practically do anything from drawing and doodling, adding pictures, or writing a memo or insert. If you want to have a break and use the doodle feature, then you can also use it as a scheduled break and organized activity. The only setback is that it’s only available for iPhone users.


Productivity comes in all kinds of forms, and Dropbox is one of them. It’s totally free, and you get a bunch of storage space with it. You can share files with other people, collaborate on pieces of work, or have them edit through it. No matter what you do, Dropbox will be useful for something, even just as a cloud-based way of storing your files that works on all platforms.



If you’re looking for a way to organize your thoughts and list your things to do with a straightforward app, then Wunderlist is a great one to choose. You can fully share these lists, and the simple design allows you to navigate all the functions included in the app easily. You can set deadlines, make it so that your tasks recur – we all have those pesky recurring tasks – and so on.


Let’s be honest, we all get into a pickle with our emails at some point or another. This is an app that helps prevent that from happening. It’s supposed to simplify your emails and make it easier to categorize them, whether they’re junk, trash, or essential. The idea behind it is that it saves you time, keeping your life stress and complication free and allowing you to spend that time doing something more important.

Remember, you don’t want to be downloading a load of productivity apps and overcomplicating things that way. Find the ones that you’re super comfortable with, trial them, and go from there.