The world is more acceptive about geeks these days

Most can agree that if you were a little bit different in grade school, there was a good chance you got teased for it, too. Times are slightly more different now than those adolescent good old days, where being a bit geeky or kind of nerdy is more socially acceptable. What might have been considered a big, fat negative to one generation is now something people are proud to be a part of. It’s incredible to witness an era where freaks, geeks, and nerds are capable of proudly creating cult followings for fashion trends, thanks to the evolution of technology and social media.

Difference between geeks and nerds

What is a geek? What is a nerd? Is there any real difference between the two? Besides having fairly similar styles, they can also have a few things different about them. Geeks like to collect objects of what they are passionate about, it could be a piggy bank, a poster, a collectors doll/action figure, or other novelty items. They like to stay up to date on the newest and coolest things. Nerds like to collect, also, but more on the knowledge side, knowing how to defeat a game with as few moves as possible, and using that stradiy in a different situation. They are not the biggest fans on collecting objects, ideas and being able to use those ideas is what they like to collect.

The world is more acceptive about geeks these days

In today’s world the terms for geek and nerd have become a little blurry. If you saw someone walking down the street wearing a button up white shirt, suppender, a bowtie and glasses the first word to pop into most peoples head is “nerd.” Now that person could be cosplaying a character, and that is more on the geek side. Trying to tell the difference between the two without fully talking to them is becoming harder and harder as time goes on.

Keeping up to date

Something that is big to geeks, besides collecting objects, is being up to date. Being able to know when the new episode is coming out or when bidding for a collectors item starts. Being up to date made it seem as though they were cool cause they seemed to know when everything was coming out. Thanks to technology, everyone is able to know when new episodes come out. Having the internet in the palms of our hands has made life easy for geeks to find something new to geek out about (or finding a group that has the same passion as them). Also, thanks to technology, being able to come out as a geek is more accepted as we are more connected with everyone around the world. More and more people are more willing to come out and say they are a geek so it is no longer frowned upon to be one.

Extensive collections

One thing that seems to make a geek a geek is collecting items. Way back in the day it was frowned upon from having too much stuff, especially if it was a TV show. But what changed? Well the ones that collected things had children and let them collect what they wanted, because they themselves were not allowed, too.

The world is more acceptive about geeks these days

Having sentimental value for something is now more accepted, no one is going to think twice of why a poster is important if grandma bought it or it’s signed by an actor. Being able to collect items has also made people more connected as friends, family, and as lovers. Having that blue box cookie jar that mom had is more special and loved than buying that blue box cookie jar online.